ceribird | Bird-friendly glass

ceribird is a birdfriendly laser structured glass, produced on laser machines from cericom. ceribird makes glass visible to birds saving them from fatal collisions with glass.

Full impact

ceribird is weather and UV resistant and offers the best protection on the outside (POS1) of the glass against bird collisions caused by reflections or transparency.

Full light

ceribird is translucent and therefore less disturbing when looking out of the window.

Full durability

ceribird is not a coating that fades or dissolves over time - ceribird is laser-textured glass, making it as durable as the glass itself.

Full environmental sustainability

There are no lacquers, inks, chemicals or complex intermediate steps required in the production of ceribird. The ceribird structure is created directly on the glass surface with the laser beam. The production process is resource efficient and clean.

Full creativity

Create your own bird protection designs and use the cericom laser process for other design tasks. Texts, logos, photos or decors can be transferred directly onto the glass surface - with freely adjustable contrast, in grayscale and in any size and shape. Even certified anti-slip glass surfaces for stairs and glass floors can be produced with the cericom laser.

Full economic efficiency

ceribird means minimal production costs, with no energy-intensive tempering or baking processes, no pre-washing of the glass, and no need to purchase consumables. And once installed, ceribird is as easy to clean as ordinary window glass.

Full flexibility

ceribird can be used on float, laminated and tempered glass, as well as in combination with insulating glass, low-e and sun protection coatings. The ceribird laser process is approved for toughened glass - even after tempering. And you are free to decide where to place ceribird in your production process.

All‘s well that ends well

We think of the entire cycle: ceribird glass is fully recyclable and a sustainable product, as no paints, inks, films or varnishes are used for ceribird - glass becomes glass again - and best of all: ceribird!

For a new bird-friendly future.