Edge Decoating with a Laser

Use cericom laser technology to decoat glass without mechanical stress or scratches and achieve a visually perfect result. Decoat edges or attachment points of point fittings for additional printing or bonding of the glass.

Optically perfect decoating

Decoating and Structuring Layers

The laser process developed by cericom also enables the removal and structuring of glass coatings. Depending on the coating and the desired quality of the exposed glass surface, you can select from our various laser processes.

Especially for the important elements of low-e, K-Glass or Smart Glass (switchable glass), which are frequently used today, laser technology is a must-have.

Whether you want to decorate a bathroom mirror or structure technical coatings such as an ITO layer - the laser technology from cericom offers you the highest process control and a large variety of options.

Convertible with c-vertica.

Laser structures for improved mobile networks

Wireless communication and transmission of data plays an important role today and in the future as well. In buildings, trains and vehicles, however, mobile networks are often very weak.

This is due to the fact that these windows and gIass facades are generally coated with low-e sun protection layers, which are used to save energy. But they completely block or weaken the mobile network.


This is caused by the electrical conductivity of the energy saving layers. Although these allow short-wave light to pass through, they are impermeable to long-wave mobile radio radiation due to the Faraday effect.

If a fine and hardly visible line network is implemented into the energy saving coatings with a laser, the glass would be permeable to mobile radio frequencies, while the energy-saving function would be only insignificantly reduced.

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Imroved Mobile Network


Laser structuring and removal of thin layers

Laser structuring and the removal of thin layers offer fascinating possibilities. The structures can be applied with the laser in a chrome layer as well as in transparent coatings such as low-e, sun protection, ITO and TCO layers.


Structuring and removal of particularly thin layers