Motiv: CNC

Drilling, Cutting and Milling with a Laser?

Cut any shape you can possibly think of in glass with a cericom laser machine from now on, thanks to a patented process - contact free and without the otherwise necessary coolant. The cutting groove is only 100 micrometres wide and extremely accurate.

It does not matter whether the glass is only 0.5 mm or 100 mm thick. Create drilled holes from 0.2 to 100 mm and more - no problem!

You can drill or cut any thickness with the laser, from paper-thin glass right through to glass blocks more than 100 mm thick.

Flyer cericut® LASER drilling, cutting and milling, cnc processing.

And there are more benefits: the laser process does not transfer any force onto the glass and hardly any heat is released. 

It is practically a cold-cutting process, which only leaves behind a small amount of glass dust because of the laser induced material atomisation, which is simply extracted by suction at the point of processing.

The cutting process cericut from cericom combines flexibility and top quality. Cut and drill from now on using laser light!

Motiv: Laser drilled holes
Laser drilled holes
Motiv: 3D-Structure