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Laser Slats - decorative designs

Using the sub-surface engraving process not only extremely decorative designs can be introduced into the glass but also structures that simultaneously fulfil a technical role. If, for example, parallel slats are lasered into the glass they work like real blinds.

Direct sunlight is significantly weakened and softened. The direct light is mostly dispersed or reflected on the slats and thus turned into pleasantly soft daylight which illuminates the room creating depth.

With the laser slats the blind effect can be subtly integrated into the window glass or a curtain façade in front of it.

The otherwise visible and frequently annoying sun protection systems attached to buildings are susceptible to the wind and generate cleaning and maintenance costs.

Slat systems installed in between the window panes have a negative impact on the U value of your window. All of this is lost when using laser slats.

Thanks to the laser technology from cericom you can integrate this new type of sun and privacy protection subtly in the shell of the building. Maintenance free, groundbreaking and satisfying the highest aesthetic demands.

Motiv: Laser slats to control light and shadow
Laser slats to control light and shadow