Heatable glass

Electrically heated glass is a diverse and growing market. Whether it is real estate (residential buildings, commercial properties, factories, etc.) or the automotive and aviation industries (cars, trains, ships, aeroplanes, helicopters, etc.), transparent heated glass offers major advantages that are ensuring a steady increase in demand.

With our cericlean process, invisible heating elements can be inserted directly into the glass. Benefit from this growth market and our expertise and let us advise you: +49 (0) 571 38 863-66  


Shipbuilding industry

Perfect all-round visibility is essential when steering ships.Heated glass puts an end to steamed-up and icy windows.


Heated panes provide cosy warmth when it's uncomfortable outside.This means that your window seat quickly becomes your favourite corner, even in winter.


Invisible heating elements allow a clear view of the outside world - through all the windows.Lascom technology ensures greater safety on the road.


Ice and fog-free windows and headlights ensure a good view for passengers and perfect illumination of the tracks.


Thanks to heated windows in all seats, you always have a clear view outside, whatever the weather: This makes travelling by plane an untroubled experience.

Military equipment

In military vehicles, a clear view is essential for survival in the truest sense of the word. Heated windscreens provide the all-important clear view.

Space equipment

Icy temperatures prevail at high altitudes. Heatable glasses ensure the trouble-free operation of important sensors and a smooth project flow.