Production of heatable glasses

In this division, we cooperate with our sister company Lascom and jointly distribute the products.


Electrically heated glass is a diverse and growing market. Whether it is real estate (homes, commercial properties, factories, etc.) or the automotive and aerospace industries (cars, trains, ships, planes, helicopters, etc.), transparent heated glasses offer great advantages that are creating ever-increasing demand.


With L-matrix LDC (Laser DeCoating) and L-matrix GDS (Gas Dynamic Spray) for applying conductive structures, such glasses can be very easily produced industrially. We have developed patented production processes with which invisible heating elements can be introduced directly into the glass. Benefit from this growth market and our know-how and let us advise you: +49 (0) 571 38 863-66 


Heatable glasses





When steering ships, perfect all-round visibility is crucial. Heated glasses put an end to fogged and icy windows.


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Heated windows provide cosy warmth. So the place by the window quickly becomes your favourite corner.


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Invisible heating elements allow a clear view outside. Lascom technology ensures more safety in road traffic.


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Ice and fog-free windows and headlights ensure a good view for passengers and perfect illumination of the tracks.


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