Laserstructure for improved mobile reception

Wireless communication and data transmission play a major role today and will continue to do so in the future. In buildings, trains and vehicles, however, mobile phone reception is often very weak or impossible. This is due to the fact that windows and glass façades are usually fitted with low-e or solar control layers, which serve to save energy but block or severely weaken mobile phone reception.

The reason for this lies in the electrical conductivity of the energy-saving layers. Although these allow short-wave light to pass through, they are impermeable to long-wave mobile phone radiation due to the Faraday effect. If a fine and barely visible network of lines is applied to the glass coating with the LASER, it also becomes permeable to mobile phone frequencies without the energy-saving function being significantly reduced.


  • Switchable glass / smart glass
  • Bird safe glass 
  • Edge stripping
  • Increase in mobile radio transmission
  • Glass breakage detection
  • Alarm systems
  • General electrical signal and power line tasks
  • Glass control panels
  • Glass with RADAR antireflective structure for airports
  • Glass keyboards
  • Photovoltaics
  • Heating glass applications
  • Antenna technology on glass


Digital and flexible machining process

High-precision structures

The structures can be transferred directly to the glass without any intermediate steps

The LASER process is suitable for surface stripping as well as for finest structure sizes

The glass surface remains undamaged and the strength of float and tempered glass is not affected