Laser processing you can rely on. Completely from one source.

As a subcontractor, we take over the processing for you with state-of-the-art laser systems. Glass drilling, cutting, milling, decoating, marking and labeling: We are happy to carry out all of this according to your ideas.

Glass matting up to slip resistance and subsurface engraving offer special possibilities. The production of heatable glass is carried out on the laser machines of our group's sister company Lascom.

We handle all production steps - (partially) from sampling to quality control of the final product.

With an increased degree of automation and high-performance laser machines, our processing leads to consistent high-quality products.

There is no need for time-consuming reworking of the processed edges, which makes this operation very efficient.

If you wish, we can also take over the procurement of the glass elements suitable for your application. After a final cleaning, all goods are packed safely for transport.

In cooperation with logistics companies, we can deliver the products ready to install directly to your construction sites.

Or would you like them to be delivered to your home...?

Micro Processing ...

Contour drilling and milling

Thanks to our self-developed processes, we can drill, cut or mill every conceivable shape in glass - without even touching it! Therefore we can dispense the necessary consumables, coolants and their preparation in the conventional process and make a small contribution to environmental protection. And we are also a little proud of this!

Material thickness: 0.7-20 mm
Component size: max. 1000x2400 mm
Machining area: max. 100x100 mm
Accuracy: ±30 μm
Minimum joint width: 250 μm

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... and macro processing of glass


The laser processes developed by cericom also allow the removal (decoating) and structuring of glass coatings of commercially available soft coatings as well as various hard coatings. Depending on the type of coating and the desired quality of the exposed glass surface, you can choose from our various laser processes ...

Material thickness: 0.7-50 mm
Component size: max. 1000x2400 mm
Accuracy: ±50 μm

Learn more about decoating here


Internal glas engraving

Internal glass engraving is still a rather uncommon and sensational type of laser processing of glass.

Material thickness: 0.7-50 mm
Component size: max. 1000x2400 mm
Accuracy: ±50 μm

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