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Argon laser – high performance in the visible spectral range

Argon lasers are currently among the most powerful lasers operating in the visible spectral range. They are used primarily in the field of science. But argon lasers also deliver a high performance on show stages.

These are actually argon ion lasers. They are popular for creating light effects, as in the well-known laser shows. Argon lasers or argon ion lasers are usually behind these events.

In medicine, argon lasers are used for ophthalmology, for example. Retina detachments can be treated with this special instrument. Altogether, lasers are quite frequently used for facial surgeries.

Doctors say that they offer nearly painless therapy or nearly painless surgery. It has to be said, however, that lasers leave traces at the point where they interact with the tissue, especially when it is used for obliterations.