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Glass drilling • Glass cutting • CNC machining • Glass decoating • Glass marking • Glass frosting • Glass engraving on the inside • Structural slip resistance

Laser systems

Laser systems

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Glass drilling • Glass cutting • Glass decoating
Glass Marking • Glass Frosting • Glass Engraving

You want to frost the surface of glass?
You would like to structure glass 3-dimensionally on the inside?
You want to drill or cut glass into complex shapes without having to touch it?
Then you have come to the right website!

With our special machines for glass laser processing, we guarantee to offer you the optimal solutions for your requirements.

Realize demanding projects in the field of architecture and design!
Offer your customers something revolutionary and new!
Realize your ideas with cericom glass laser processing solutions!

We offer trend-setting and optimal solutions for the structuring or ablating of glass coatings, and for the machine-readable and aesthetically sophisticated marking of glass. With the concentrated power of a laser beam, that is integrated in our machines, you can decorate, drill and cut glass without having to touch it. We combine glass and light in unimagined ways and we can guarantee this through our many years of consistent further development.

Shape your future by investing in a cericom laser machine!
Discover new possibilities!

cericom - your specialist in glass laser processing technology.


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CERION laser becomes cericom

The Minden-based company CERION laser GmbH was recently integrated into the LiSEC group of companies. ...

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