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Software for laser machines

Crystalab pro

Glass is processed by laser in 2 or 3 dimensions on cericom laser machines. The process data needed to do this is generated by the efficient software crystalab pro.

This program offers a range of import functions for 2-dimensional photo and graphic files as well as for 3D data. In just a few steps you can scale and process the data and transform them into an output format suitable for the laser process.

The preview function is also extremely practical and allows you to save data with an integrated 3D viewer. You can therefore provide your customers with the data so they can check and approve them before you process their order.

You can zoom in and look at every detail, right down to the individual laser pixel. This option before approval of an order can save you and your customer trouble and complaints.

 Motiv: 3D surface model
3D surface model
Motiv: Processing point clouds
Processing point clouds
Motiv: Preview of finished point cloud
Preview of finished point cloud