Airport Salt Lake City

More about our Crystal Light Projects

The transfer terminal at Salt Lake City airport was newly built in 2012. The renowned artist Catherine Widgery decided to use laser structured glass plates for cladding a lift column and the adjacent stairwell.

The design, which was applied to both surfaces of the glass elements, depicts ice crystals and water droplets on an expanse of over 400 square meters. Due to the unique sparkle of glass surfaces structured with cericom technology, Catherine Widgery quite consciously chose to use this laser technology.

None of the conventional printing or frosting processes could compare here. Glass surfaces frosted on cericom machines using lasers have a totally unique visual appeal and have the edge especially when it comes to even the most sophisticated design projects.

This project has been realized on a cericom machine by the project partners Isophon Glas GmbH and Glasmalerei Peters GmbH.

cericom has already received more enquiries from architects and artists as a result of this work.

Made with c-vertica und c-matrix.