Norderstedt School of Music

The newly built Norderstedt Music School near Hamburg is a project with a highly sophisticated design. The building was completed in 2011.

The generously proportioned glass façade consists of over 30 insulating glass elements, each weighing 150kg, using laminated technology.

The designer's intention was a graphical striped pattern extending over the whole façade, the otherwise very strict structure made less formal by a never repeating variation of stripe width and gap.

Each façade element is therefore an individual part of the overall picture and a unique piece of work. The benefits of laser frosting are displayed to the full here.

It was possible to adjust the degree of frosting precisely and a laborious masking of the glass elements with film was not needed.

cericom was able to fully calculate the desired striped graphics as an overall pattern using its high performance software; the subsequent laser processing was automatic with 100% control over the quality.

The façade elements were processed one pair at a time on a cericom machine of the c-matrix type.

The façade has a congruent design on the interior and exterior. A total area of about 300 square meters was processed with the laser in this project.

Convertible with c-matrix.