Innovative Laser Technology

Get an overview of the many possibilities for glass engraving with laser technology from cericom. Whether it is sub-surface engraving, surface frosting or glass drilling and cutting - profit from our experience as pioneers in the field of industrial glass laser processing.

Combination of various technologies in one machine

The combination of various and innovative processing technologies in one and the same machine is of special interest. It is often necessary to apply coated structures while drilling the glass simultaneousely.

The c-matrix and the c-vertica each combine both processes for different glass sizes - making glass processing even more efficient. Thus, material handling gets reduced to a minimum and even sub-surface engraving and surface frosting are possible with the same systems.

You will find this in the "Applications" section:

On the following pages, you will learn everything about the topics of decoating, glass marking and labelling, glass frosting, sub-surface engraving and anti-slip structuring. For example, you can easily decoat glass without scratches using the laser.

Glass marking can be carried out both on the surface and inside the glass.

Glass frosting by laser is an alternative to the previous sandblasting and etching processes.

Sub-surface engraving is a technique that leaves the surface untouched.

And: The laser beam can be used to provide glass surfaces with an almost invisible, anti-slip surface.