The anti-slip solution for walkable glass surfaces

Another innovation is the anti-slip structuring of walkable glass surfaces with the help of a laser beam.

Small dents are made on the glass surface with a fine pattern that can only be seen with the bare eye at a very close range. When stepping on these dents, a suction effect is created which prevents slipping when the glass is wet.

Normal printed structures disappear due to abrasion after only a few months and are also hard to clean. The cericom anti-slip, on the other hand, leaves 90% of the glass surface intact and develops its anti-slip effect with vacuum. Therefore the small dents hardly suffer any abrasion and the surface remains easy to clean.

The Material Testing Institute of Wismar has certified the slip-resistant glass surfaces from cericom with the grades R9 and R10. The cericom anti-slip is characterized by its transparency and high durability.

Can be realised with the cerilas or cericut system on the machines