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Laser-Grip: the anti-slip solution for walkable glasssurfaces

Another true innovation is the anti-slip structuring of glass surfaces using a laser beam:

Tiny indentations are made in the glass surface in a fine grid, which can only be seen close up with the naked eye. Every laser pulse creates precise, tiny troughs in the glass surface, which help prevent slipping on wet glass due to their patented suction effect.

This patented process has been used on polished stone surfaces under the name of Lasergrip for many years and can now be applied to glass exclusively and under licence with machines from Cerion. The material test centre at Wismar has certified anti slip glass surfaces created with Cerion laser machines with the grades R9 and R10.

Lasergrip features transparency and high resistance. Nothing is applied to the glass surface unlike classic screen printing processes. Printed structures have often disappeared after just a few months through wear and cleaning of printed anti-slip surfaces is time consuming and costly.

Lasergrip on the other hand leaves 90% of the glass surface untouched and releases its anti-slip effect via the vacuum effect through the tiny indentations in the glass, which are subject to hardly any wear.

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Anti-Slip is almost invisible