The anti-slip solution for walkable glass surfaces

Another innovation is the anti-slip structuring of walkable glass surfaces with the help of a laser beam.

Small dents are made on the glass surface with a fine pattern that can only be seen with the naked eye at a very close range. When stepping on these dents, a suction effect is created, which prevents slipping when the glass is wet.

Normal printed structures disappear due to abrasion after only a few months and are also hard to clean. The cericom anti-slip, on the other hand, leaves 90% of the glass surface intact and develops its anti-slip effect with vacuum. Therefore, the small dents hardly suffer any abrasion, and the surface remains easy to clean.

The Material Testing Institute of Wismar has certified the slip-resistant glass surfaces from cericom with the grades R9 and R10. The cericom anti-slip is characterized by its transparency and high durability.

What sets our method apart is that the user no longer needs to purchase specialized glass. They can simply keep their standard glass in stock and effortlessly transform it into walkable glass, making it an environmentally friendly choice. With our innovative approach, there's no need to invest in costly new materials or disposal of existing glass. This not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact associated with glass production and disposal.

Our system can be seamlessly integrated into various machinery, including the cerilas or cericut systems, and the c-vertica, c-cut, and c-matrix machines. This flexibility makes it easy for users to incorporate our anti-slip solution into their existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced safety and functionality without the need for extensive modifications or expensive replacements.

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