The anti-slip solution for walkable glass surfaces

Another real innovation is the anti-slip structuring of walk-on glass using a laser beam.

Small indentations are worked into the glass surface in a fine grid, which can only be seen with the naked eye at close range. When walking on the small depressions created in this way, a suction effect is created that prevents slipping on wet glass.

Normal imprinted structures disappear through wear and tear after just a few months and are also difficult to clean. In contrast, cericom laser anti-slip leaves 90% of the glass surface unchanged and develops its anti-slip effect via the principle of negative pressure. The small indentations in the glass are therefore subject to virtually no wear, while the surface remains easy to clean.

The Wismar Materials Testing Institute has certified the slip-resistant glass surfaces produced with cericom laser machines with the values R9 and R10. The laser slip resistance is characterised by transparency and high resistance.

Press release