Frosting - Laser frosting of glass surfaces

The laser frosting of glass surfaces is a real alternative to classic sandblasted and etching techniques and even print technology. The frosting created by the laser is characterised by the lower dirt sensitivity compared to conventionally frosted surfaces.

But even a glass surface frosted by laser can be provided with additional touch proofing or even dyed. Since the surface structure created by the laser has a different visual effect than sandblasted or etched surfaces, a pattern can be created on a glass surface previously frosted by sand blasting or etching which is emphasised in contrast.

By using laser technology the finest graphic structures such as lines and dots can be created, which cannot be produced at all using conventional techniques or only at great cost.

The creation of grey shading and scale is absolutely no problem with a laser. Photographs and graphics can therefore be applied to glass quite simply by laser without losing any of their quality.

Surface frosting can be created with the laser on all the usual sorts of glass. Even safety or toughened glass, or glass that is to be processed into safety or toughened glass, can be processed using the cerilas laser process developed by cericom.

So nothing stands in the way of adding surface structure to fully glazed doors, façade elements or shower cubicles any more. Even coated glass can be processed with our laser process.

Glass coatings such as mirror layers, chrome layers or ceramic and organic coloured layers are easy to perforate or remove by laser and the sensitive glass surface beneath is frosted at the same time.

The laser is less suitable for producing large surface frosting. Classic frosting processes are better here due to the lower processing times.

But wherever it is a question of applying decoration, detailed graphics or photographic motifs, the laser demonstrates its benefits. Because thanks to the cerilas laser technology the otherwise costly personnel-intensive manual process stages are omitted.

By using cerilas laser technology developed by us you can transfer your pattern directly from the computer onto the glass. Forget filling up inks, cleaning screens and pressing buttons or disposing of used blasting material. Just work with light from now on. A tool that never gets blunt.