Motiv: Glass Marking

Glass Marking - marked using sub-surface engraving or on the surface

The marking of glass is playing an ever greater role today. Product traceability, brand awareness and protection against fraud, are the main drivers here.

Using laser technology from cericom, glass can be marked using sub-surface engraving or on the surface. Letters, digits, logos and machine readable codes are transferred onto or into the glass by laser beam in just a few seconds. These laser markings cannot be removed or rubbed off and are inconspicuous.

The marking laser can either be integrated directly into a production line, just like the reader technology, or into a cutting table, for example, or can be used in production precisely where it is currently needed via a mobile system.

Wherever clear visibility is required even black markings can be transferred to the glass surface by laser.

These also feature high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Whether you need barcodes, data matrix or QR codes, alphanumeric signs, serial numbers or safety glass stamps, you can be flexible with the laser marking technology from cericom and mark your products securely in top quality.

Lasered dot matrix code Motiv:
Lasered dot matrix code
Motiv: Laser marking
Laser marking