Design examples for glass elements processed with the cericut process

For internal engraving, milling & drilling

A particularly innovative highlight of cericom are laser machines for drilling, cutting and 3-dimensional structuring of glass surfaces.

For processing technical glass, the laser process offers clear qualitative and economic advantages - with high growth potential for our customers' industrial applications: Particular advantages of laser cutting are the free shaping, the completely force-free process without coolant as well as an outstanding final quality of the cut edge - this usually requires no further finishing. If desired, the edge of a cut or a hole can be provided with a chamfer or rounding directly in the process. Laser processes are economically attractive because they can be fully automated with very little energy input, thus requiring less manpower.

Internal glass engraving is performed using solid-state lasers, which operate in various wavelength ranges depending on the requirements. Internal engraving always requires a clear, smooth and transparent glass surface so that the laser beam can penetrate unhindered - in order to specifically modify the glass structure there and thus create a laser engraving inside the glass.

Furthermore, laser engraving on the inside can often also be carried out on frosted glass: Since usually only one side of the glass is frosted or coated, the internal engraving can be done from the clear side of the glass in this case.