c-cut 300/300 | Laser Glass Drilling / Milling Machine

c-cut is a machine designed for laser cutting, drilling and milling of optically transparent brittle materials, primarily for laser processing of glass. This machine enables high precision cutting and drilling of glass within a processing area of 100 x 100 mm2 along arbitrary 2D or 3D curves (based on drawings). Now, it is not only possible to cut materials with thicknesses of 20 mm and more but also to drill holes with diameters down to 200 µm and achieve aspect ratios larger than 1:25. The drilling and cutting and milling processes are completely “dry“. Therefore the laser processes do neither require any water nor the accompanying water recycling systems.

A very narrow kerf width combined with high accuracy and resolution enables cuts that are currently not possible with any conventional glass processing technology. For the first time, the laser-based process used in the c-cut machine enables an effective way for laser milling of glass. For example, countersunk holes, tapered holes and other virtually arbitrary 3D structures can be milled into the glass surface with ease and precision.


  • Microelectronics
  • Sensors
  • Microfluidics


  • “Dry” process
  • High hole aspect ratio
  • Small processing features > 0.2 mm
  • High precision and standard versions
  • Integration in production lines

Completely dry process

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