Laser systems – Innovation, durability, efficiency & low operating costs

We pursue several goals when developing our laser systems. Our top priority is to meet your requirements in the best possible way. Innovation, sustainability, efficiency and low running costs are the major factors for us.

We know that purchasing a laser machine is a bigger investment than buying a sand blasting machine, for example. However, the operation of a laser system

is usually significantly cheaper compared to conventional techniques and requires only a fraction of the manpower that would otherwise be necessary, not to mention the clean process itself.

Last but not least, we focus on simple handling, hardware and software that are perfectly matched to each other, and also on a sleek design.

This is what we show you on the subject of "laser systems":


Wherever horizontal alignment of the glass is not necessary, this glass processing machine really saves space, because the glass plates to be processed are simply placed on the machine. And with the optional automatic transport unit, it even works continuously.

Special solutions

In addition to our serial machines for glass processing, we also work together with our customers on the integration into existing production lines and develop individual special solutions. Please ask us for details: +49 (0)571 38863-50

Used machines in various revision standards

Depending on availability and your requirements, we also offer used machines in three different revision standards:


Bronze Standard (no warranty): The machine is passed on in its current condition, with parts (including used ones) installed as needed to ensure functionality. The price varies depending on the condition and required effort.

Silver Standard (6 months warranty): The machine undergoes a thorough inspection, during which the core components are checked for functionality and suitability, and replaced if necessary.

Gold Standard (12 months warranty): The machine is extensively overhauled and brought up to date. All wear parts such as lasers, scanners, optics, and mechanically worn parts are replaced.

Feel free to call us or send us an email. We are happy to assist you in selecting the right used machine.