Sub-surface glass engraving - the glass surface remains untouched

Interior glass engraving with our ceri3D-process is an impressive form of laser processing. On the one hand, this is due to the possibility of incorporating fascinating 2- and 3-dimensional designs and photographic motifs with nuanced greyscales and, on the other hand, to the fact that the glass surface remains completely untouched by the laser processing. Visible structures are only created inside the glass.

How does it work? Each individual laser pulse creates a dot in the glass measuring approx. 100 micrometres, which is visible to the eye as a small opacity. From many of these small dots, any 2- and 3-dimensional motifs can be created inside the glass. The prerequisite for glass interior engraving is that the surface through which the laser beam enters the material is of optically good quality and is neither frosted nor structured.

In the case of increased safety and stability requirements, such as for all-glass doors, façade elements or shower cabins, alternative laminated glasses made of float glass – also in combination with TVG – can often be used.

Normal or low-iron float glass (e.g. optiwhite® or starfire®), even if it is part of a laminated glass, can be internally engraved with the laser without any problems – even multi-pane laminated glass with thicknesses over 50 mm is possible.




Individual sheets of glass that have already been engraved on the inside can later be processed into laminated glass without any problems. Many other types of glass such as borosilicate or crystal glass, quartz glass and optical glass can also be engraved on the inside with the laser without any problems.

Dark and colourless glass ceramics can also be successfully structured with cericom interior engraving systems. Even transparent plastics such as PMMA, polycarbonate, polyamide or PET – to name but a few – can be internally engraved with a cericom laser.

Laser Slats

Using the sub-surface engraving process, it is not only possible to introduce highly decorative designs into the glass, but also structures that simultaneously fulfil a technical function. If, for example, parallel slats are lasered into the glass, they have the effect of a blind.

Advantage of laser slats: The otherwise visible and often disturbing sun protection systems on buildings are susceptible to wind and cause costs for cleaning and maintenance work. Slat systems installed in the space between the panes have a negative effect on the U-value of your window. All of this is eliminated when using the laser slats. Thanks to cericom's laser technology, you can integrate this new type of sun and privacy protection inconspicuously into the building envelope. Maintenance-free, forward-looking and aesthetically pleasing to the highest standards.

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Dive in the world of laser crystal!

Crystal glass is of high quality, feels heavy in the hand and is a fascinating material even without laser engraving. The brilliant interplay of light and crystal glass preserves moments for eternity – captured as an image in the third dimension and close enough to touch.

In just a few minutes, you can conjure up wonderful glass pictures before the eyes of your enthusiastic customers. Fonts, decorative designs and digital photos can also be easily and effectively created in glass in 2 and 3 dimensions. We also offer you the powerful crystalab pro software for designing your glass pictures – with endless design possibilities.

Whether you want to create high-quality souvenirs, individual gift ideas or original promotional items – we invite you! Discover the possibilities of innovative laser technology in combination with crystal glass!