The Company cericom GmbH

cericom GmbH is a medium-sized company in Minden, Westphalia. It has been part of the LiSEC Group since 2020.

Since 2002, innovative technology for glass processing has been produced at the Minden site for worldwide use. We offer our customers a full range of services in the system areas of laser marking, laser matting, laser decoating, laser drilling and laser cutting up to prototype machine construction.

When developing new ground breaking solutions in glass processing and finishing with laser technology, cericom GmbH operates with a one-stop-shop solution: from our own laser research department, software development and special design, from in-house production to worldwide service and sales, cericom consistently follows the principle of "everything from a single source".

cericom company data

Company foundation: 2002, since 2020 part of the Lisec Group
Legal form: GmbH
Management: Georg Pokorny, Dirk Marquardt
Location: Minden, Westphalia

Our philosophy

Cross Industry Innovation:
Today, quantum leaps in laser glass processing no longer occur within company boundaries alone. By becoming part of the LiSEC Group, cericom has gained a highly innovative partner in glass processing and provides access to global innovation ideas for the development of pioneering future technology. Together with our customers and their individual requirement profiles, we develop profitable and competitive solutions for the long term.

Competence Center of Laser Glass Processing:
New market situations and challenges have high demands on the development of the company. cericom has risen to this challenge by merging the combined expertise of Lascom GmbH and the former CERION laser GmbH. With know-how and openness for new processes and ways, cericom creates solutions: small and large, today and tomorrow.

Reliability, team spirit and determination:
Not only within the company, but also in particular together with the customer, it is these values which distinguish cericom and from which our customers benefit. A joint solution for the new requirements within glass processing starts in the company itself. At cericom, these values have been part of our culture ever since the company was founded. And this is what we are proud of.