A selection of our customers

"CTI Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan, is working with several cericom machines and equipment since many years. With long time experience and skilled personnel, next to flawless working equipment and software, CTI is able to finish the worldwide highest quality designs in CTIs patented BBCrystals."


Ikeda, CTI Corp Tokyo, Japan www.cti-co.jp

"Since the start of 2013, we have operated the largest laser processing centre for sheet glass in the world. With laser systems from cericom, we could access completely new markets and become involved in projects which were previously unreachable for us.

The fully automatic laser processing of design mirrors also brings us significant cost advantages."


isophon glas GmbH, Mike Förster, www.isophonglas.de

"By replacing the sand blasting process of individual bathroom mirrors with a fully-automatic laser process using a cericom c-vartica machine, we have achieved a cost saving of over 70%.

In addition, we are also able to offer our customers a totally new selection of photo designs on mirrors and glass doors."

Lionidas Design, Lokman Coskun, www.lionidas-design.com

"Thanks to laser processing of glass, we can now not just replace the sand blasting process, but also manufacture innovative products which were simply not possible before."

With the cericom laser machine, we can now apply easy and permanently any motifs to the float glass and to the toughened safety glass without having to affix foils."

Star Glas GmbH, Michael Klausing, www.starglas.de

"For our company, the decision to purchase the laser glass processing machines was a great one, which has had a positive effect on our position in the market.

What advice would I give to other entrepreneurs who are still considering? Have courage!"

Sven Künzel, Glas Künzel GmbH, glas-kuenzel.de