cericom machines can be equipped with different laser units. Our three main processes are called cerilas, cericlear and cericut and differ in their application and the results achieved.

The cericlean process is suitable for decoating glasses - it enables flexible and economical decoating or structuring of glasses with changing designs and large as well as small quantities. Significantly higher resolutions and contour sharpness can be achieved by laser ablation than with screen or digital printing. Sampling can also be carried out quickly and efficiently with laser decoating, as no intermediate steps are required.

cerilas: With this process for marking, matting and surface engraving, you can process the surfaces of all flat glass products available on the market without restriction and structure many coatings.

The cericut process is suitable for drilling and cutting of glass surfaces. When processing technical glass, this laser process offers clear qualitative and economic advantages - with high growth potential for our customers' industrial applications.

ceri3D is our process for 3-dimensional structuring.

Choose cericlean, cerilas, cericut or ceri3D - depending on your requirements and goals.

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